Welcome to the Draw and Paint blog

Welcome to Draw and Paint, the blog that teaches you to draw and paint

Draw and Paint is the English version of the Italian blog Disegno & Pittura. In 2006, when I started the blog Disegno & Pittura , there were a lot of English sites about drawing and painting techniques, while there were very few sites in Italian. So I decided to resolve this gap creating a blog where to write about these subjects. I started writing theoretical articles, tutorials, reviews and so on. The blog became popular in Italy, so I decided to start an English version of it. For several years I studied drawing and painting, and in the meanwhile, I accumulated a lot of notes about these subjects. I decided to make them available for free on Internet hoping that it might be helpful for other Italian artists. Now I want to share them also with all other artists around the world that do not speak Italian and, in order to do that, I started this English blog. Years ago I was convinced that to be a good artist a particular vocation and talent was necessary. This is partly true, but over time I realized that we also need a large theoretical knowledge. The practice is useless unless it is based on good theory and vice versa. This blog will talk about theoretical and practical aspects of drawing and painting. I hope to involve as many people as possible, so that it becomes a place of active debate.

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