Composition and Perspective

Photo from The term "composition" derives from the Latin “compositus” which means "well placed", while perspective derives from the Italian word “perspicere” which means “see clearly”. The composition and the perspective are instruments … [Continue reading]

Oil Painting

This article has been translated by Carmelo Gigliuto. The orginal article is here. Oil painting is my favorite painting medium. The reason is simple. Compared to the acrylic and watercolor it gives me more time to think and paint and this is … [Continue reading]


Chiaroscuro is an italian term that means "light and dark". It usually refers to the ability of simulate volumes using light and dark gradation of tones. The three characteristics of a color are: hue, saturation and tone. In this article I will focus … [Continue reading]

Leonardo da Vinci on primary colors

Leonardo, in his Treatise on Painting, expressed some thoughts about primary colors that he called "simple color". First of all, he said that the following are the simple colors: yellow, red and blue (the primaries) with black and white plus two … [Continue reading]

Primary, secondary and complementary colors

The color is a three-dimensional size and the classical color wheel is not sufficient to represent the entire color space. However, to explain the concepts of primary, secondary and complementary colors it is, probably, the best tool we can use. In … [Continue reading]


In all the painting books the beginning pages are usually reserved to the color wheel, which is used to explain some fundamental concepts such as primary, secondary and complementary colors. On this blog I will talk about these subjects, but I will … [Continue reading]