Color Mixing Secrets Revealed with the video course Mastering Color by Richard Robinson.

Mastering Color

Discover the secrets to learn how to mix colors and paint pictures that you never thought you could achieve.

With the video Mastering Color by Richard Robinson will learn to:

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Buy the video Mastering Color by Richard Robinson. The work is sold in DVD or in downloadable videos format. The course contains 8 lessons. For each lesson there is a video and a PDF file with the transcription of all words pronounced in the video.

Here's what you'll find in the video course.

  1. Color Theory

    The first lesson provides a brief introduction to color theory, with historical notes about artists and their researches on colors. This chapter is available for free.

  2. Seeing Color

    The subject analyzed in this lesson is color perception. If you want to paint an object that looks real you first need to observe it. Often painter perception is fooled in this phase and the author demonstrates it with simple examples. In this lesson you will learn how see colors and how to isolate them from the context.

    Seeing Color
  3. Describing Color

    Once you isolated the color you need a way to describe it so you can then use this description during the mixing phase. The author introduces the Birren and Munsell methods as way to describe colors and how to use them to mix colors.

    Describing Color
  4. Value

    The term Value indicates how light or dark a color is. Painters like Frank Reilly said Value is 80% in a painting. In this lesson the author explains the concept of Value and how to use it in color mixing. He explains also how mix a Value scale and some useful exercises for beginner and advanced painters.

  5. Mixing Color

    This is the most important lesson where the author shows a logical method for color mixing. The chapter is very interesting and detailed. You will learn how to lighten and darken a color, how change also saturation and hue.

    Mixing Color
  6. Manipulating Colors

    In this lesson the author explains how to manipulate the colors in your artwork to get the most valuable artistic paintings. He explains how to mix beautiful grays, how to manipulate the color intensity, how to paint the halftones, and other useful stuff.

    Manipulating Colors
  7. Color Harmony

    This article is probably the most innovative of the whole video course. The author explains how to make harmonic paintings using:

    • limited palette;
    • traditional harmonic color schemes;
    • Gamut Masking;
    • patterning;

    Gamut Masking is an invention Gurney Journey which explains how to prepare a palette of harmonic colors selected with a method well explained in this lesson.

    Color Harmony
  8. Light Effects

    In this last lesson the author talks about color gradient, how color change around a form, reflected light, brightness, and other useful concepts.

    Light Effects

Do not waste any time.

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