The Rule of Thirds

The Rule of Thirds

In the article about focal points and focal areas I underlined the importance of creating a center of interest in your artwork. The question that I want to answer in this article is the following: where to put the center of interest on your drawing sheet? One possible approach is the famous rule of thirds. [Read more…]

Focal points and focal areas in Art Composition

Focal points and focal areas in Art Composition

How create focal points and focal area in you drawing and painting? This article explain the basic principles to create them in your artwork and make them more interesting. [Read more…]

The horizon line

Central Horizon Line

In the post Perspective The Terminology I defined the horizon line as a line that, imaginatively, through the projection plane at the same height of the point of view. In a landscape the horizon often coincides with the line that separates the sky from the land. The first choice that an artist must make is decide where to place the horizon in his drawing sheet. Many artists do not place this line exactly in the middle, to avoid too much symmetry between sky and land in the landscape. [Read more…]

Two point perspective

House in Two Point Perspective

In urban and rural landscapes it’s very difficult find objects with one side parallel to projection plane. They are almost always divergent in respect to it. The perspective helps the artists also in these situations, helping to create space and volume in very compelling way. In order to do that a new kind of perspective must be used and its name is “two point perspective”. [Read more…]

One point perspective

One Point Perspective

Lines converging to a single point give to the observer a sense of depth. This basic principle is used in perspective to simulate three dimensional worlds on two dimensional supports (i.e. canvas, sheet and so on). In this article I am going to introduce the one point perspective. [Read more…]

Perspective. The terminology.


In the Composition and Perspective post I explained what perspective is.  In this article I will introduce the basic terms used in perspective. Almost all the books or articles about perspective have their own terminology. To avoid confusion I will report the terminology that will be used on this blog,  Hoping  it will be helpful to people moving their first steps into this fascinating world.

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