Bob Ross

Bob Ross
Bob Ross is a household name in the United States but little known in Italy. This guy has become famous in America through a television series entitled The Joy of Painting in which he taught to paint beautiful landscapes. Those videos are easily available through the official website .

Bob Ross has been highly appreciated by the public. Thanks to him, they discovered a very instructive and relaxing hobby. At the same time, however, he has been criticized by professional painters for its simplistic approach to painting.

It ‘s true, Bob Ross is the classical painter who offers recipes for painting trees, rivers, sea, waves, without bothering to explain the reasons behind each choice. His paintings are very similar (same atmosphere, expression, etc.) and who uses his technique produce similar pictures.

This painter , for example, uses the Bob Ross technique and his pictures are similar to those of Bob. The Bob Ross technique is called wet on wet which will be discussed further on this blog.

Despite these limitations, I think that study the Bob Ross approach is useful in order to understand some tips & tricks about painting and also to learn how manage some painting tools like knife, 2″ flat brush and fan brush.

For those who want to learn more about Bob Ross technique there are the following step by step tutorials on his website:

My First Landscape

Bright Autumn Trees

Cat in the Basket


Winter Glory

Mystic Mountain

Bob Ross Amaryllis

Baby Harp Seal


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