About me

Salvatore D'AngeloWho am I?

My name is Salvatore, I was born in Sarno (SA) Italy and currently I live and work in Rome. I graduated in Computer Science and I am working at a well-known American software company. Currently I am designing and implementing applications for large enterprise. I love my job because  computers, along with painting, has always been one of my great passions. From an early age I always had many hobbies such as painting, electronics, computer, music, but over the years, due to time restrictions, I made the decision to select only few of them to be pursued with greater persistence, among these there is, of course, painting.

When I started to paint?

I started painting at the age of 12 years making a 40 × 40 canvas with oil colors representing the famous “Van Gogh Room”. Soon after I made ​​a portrait of S. Francis and the Renoir’s Luncheon of the Boating Party. All paintings that I still have. Since then I have made ​​several paintings many of which I no longer have. Unfortunately my dedication to this hobby has never been too smooth, I have alternated periods in which I painted for a few months and then take long pauses. This happened both because I have always been a person with many interests and working for many years, as absolute self-taught, I could not get the results I wanted.

Why a blog?

In 2006 there has been a big change in my life. Among the many decisions made in that year I decided to dedicate myself to things that I really like, so the Painting. At that time, on the Internet, I discovered that there was a large amount of websites with lots of tutorials. So I started to read lots of tutorial and I started to paint for several days a week. These tutorials gave me the opportunity to learn a lot and make a lot of progress. I collected these tutorials from time to time in my notebook. One day, however, was succeeded by the irreparable. I had some notes that I really liked that, suddenly, I could not find. I decided that this was not to happen again. Thus, at the beginning of April, my first blog was born and its name was Pittura (pittura.blogspirit.com). On April 26th, I decided to make public this my personal blog with the certainty that no one would read it. My prediction was wrong, and after a few weeks I had more than 100 visitors per day. After a couple of years the free software platform began to close mulches and so, in January 2009, I decided it was time to have a my own domain and a software platform more reliable and flexible. Thus Disegno & Pittura was born. This blog became the main reference for many Italian artists, so in 2009 I decided to create the English version of this blog that I called Draw & Paint.

What is Draw & Paint?

Draw & Paint is a community of artists who share passion for drawing and painting and exchange opinions and advice every day on a software platform that provides:

  • A blog with over 300 articles visited by 45000 visitors per month;
  • A Facebook page with over 2,800 fans;
  • A twitter account with over 500 followers;
  • A newsletter with over 3000 members;
  • A forum with over 1000 members.

These numbers are updated in July 2013, you have to consider that every month they tend to increase.